Walking the Talk: Supporting Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The challenge of sustainable development is to put this understanding into practice, changing our unsustainable ways into more sustainable ones. The aim of sustainable development is to balance our economic, environmental, and social needs, allowing prosperity for now and future generations. A few examples of these types of projects include Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Sustainable Construction, Green Space and Environmental Restoration.

Spindrift is proud to have been a part of the following Solar Power projects:

  • Cultural Resources CEQA Inventory Survey and Paleontological Records Search of the Peak Valley Solar Farm Project, Riverside County, California (2016-012)
  • Cultural Resources CEQA Inventory Survey and Paleontological Resources Assessment of the Redwood Solar Farm 4 (LSF1) Project, Kern County, California (2015-012)

We've also had occasion to partner with non-profit organizations in our community, such as Groundwork San Diego - Chollas Creek, which strives to bring about the sustained regeneration, improvement and management of the physical environment through the development of community-based partnerships which empower people, businesses and organizations to promote environmental, economic and social well-being. Groundwork San Diego-Chollas Creek is an environmental enhancement non-profit organization empowered by the City of San Diego to restore the Chollas Creek Watershed through citizen engagement.

We've had the good fortune of working with Groundwork on several projects related to Environmental Restoration:

  • Cultural Resources CEQA Inventory for two County of San Diego IRWN Grant Projects, City of San Diego, San Diego County, California (2017-012)
    The development of the Federal Blvd trail project will augment recreational spaces, and connect communities to the emerging Chollas Creek Watershed Regional Park. It will leverage additional financial resources for construction, and will provide valuable hydrologic, water quality, and GHG reduction information to the Groundwork Chollas Creek watershed repository database. The creek de-channelization effort that is part of this project will remove impervious surfaces and vegetation overgrowth in the Chollas Creek channel thereby improving surface water quality and reducing high volume surface run-off.
  • Cultural Resources CEQA Plus Section 106 Inventory  Survey of the Lenox Drive Vector Control Project, City of San Diego, San Diego County, California (2015-009)
    Groundwork is leading a project funded by the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health under the Vector Habitat Remediation Program (VHRP) to construct the Lenox Drive Vector Habitat Remediation Project. The project will remedy mosquito breeding pools in Chollas Creek. Stagnant water has formed as a result of deteriorated grade control structures immediately north of the Lenox Drive Bridge (Due to the proximity of human activities (residential and recreational/hiking), mosquitos are a problem in this area; the site is immediately adjacent to a residential community and is a known mosquito breeding habitat. A trail is currently being installed adjacent to the site. In addition to the residences, hikers would also be affected by mosquito breeding habitat in this section of Chollas Creek.

As part of these endeavors, we partnered with other local small businesses and donated a portion of our services pro-bono in support of Groundwork's sustainability efforts.

We are inspired by these kinds of projects and are actively seeking more opportunities to give back to our community and support local non-profits making a difference.

8(a) Certification Teaming Planning


Itʻs been a long road, but we will finally be submitting our 8(a) certification packet in February of 2019. In anticipation of a whole new world of government contracting opening up just before the end of the fiscal year, we are interested in meeting with any teaming partners that we may be of benefit to for federal contracting. We've set aside the week of February 18th to meet in person or by phone with any firms that would like to start identifying federal pursuits to target for the end of the year. Learn more about our government contracting experience below.

Federal Government Contracting

Spindrift has been fortunate enough to have solid teaming partners that have called on us to help them with projects where they are a Prime or subcontractor to a Prime that has a federal government contract. Our most significant government contract was completing an Archaeological Work Plan and providing Monitoring Services for Design/Bid/Build DLA Project RM 13-1849; Repair Miramar Fuel Pipeline, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC), Naval Base Point Loma, City of San Diego.

We've also had occasion where a federal agency has reached out to us for support with compliance during their internal technical studies. For example, in 2018 we provided Archaeological Monitoring services for the Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve USGS Road Barrier Study in San Diego County.

Other Government Contracting

Typically, state or local level projects can also include a federal nexus that requires our services. The project, activity, or program is funded in whole or in part under the direct or indirect jurisdiction of a Federal agency, including:

1) those carried out by or on behalf of a Federal agency;

2) those carried out with Federal financial assistance (ex. HUD funding); or

3) those requiring a Federal permit, license or approval (ex. Section 404 of the Clean Water Act permit).

The following is a list of projects we've completed that required our expertise with federal permitting:

  • Cultural Resources Section 106 Inventory of the Borrego Water District Projects, San Diego and Imperial Counties, California (2018-015)
  • Cultural Resources CEQA Plus Section 106 Inventory Survey of the Pond 20 Project, located in the City of Imperial Beach, San Diego County, California (2018-008)
  • Archaeological Resources Section 106 Inventory Survey for the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) of the Southern California Yeshiva (SCY) High School Tech Project, City of San Diego, San Diego County, California (2016-007)
  • Cultural Resources CEQA Plus Section 106 Inventory Survey of the Lenox Drive Vector Control Project, City of San Diego, San Diego County, California (2015-009)
  • Cultural Resources CEQA Plus Section 106 Inventory  Survey for the Cool Valley Reservoir Cover Replacement Project, Valley Center, San Diego County, California (2015-006)
  • Cultural Resources CEQA Plus Section 106 Inventory  Survey for the Pacific Beach Pipeline Project, City of San Diego, San Diego County, California (2015-004)

Contact us to set a teaming planning appointment!

Drop us a line today to set an appointment the week of February 18th to discuss how Spindrift can be of benefit to you for federal contracting!